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We provide ecological solutions to sustainable projects

The solution to the drinking water shortage

The atmospheric water generator is similar in size to a traditional water dispenser, which condenses the air's humidity through refrigeration. The water is treated through various filters that purify and mineralize it into high-quality drinking water without chemicals or plastics.

In 2023 we began our journey to solve those problems and deliver real solutions. How? We extract humidity from the air to deliver high quality drinking water. Since then we have worked relentlessly to perfect the equipment, being able to provide a best-in-class, high-quality drinking water and to optimize the energy used to minimize the environmental impact.


Our main goal is to solve Ibiza's water problem by providing a system that generates healthy, quality water in an efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way. 
We use the latest state-of-the-art technology in refrigeration, condensation, and water treatment to do this. We obtain water from an inexhaustible source, such as the humidity in the surroundings. This allows us to reduce the energy cost per liter of water and therefore take care of the environment and the natural paradise of the Balearic Islands.


  • Edge technology: Thanks to the latest technology in refrigeration and heat exchange, the generators produce healthy drinkable water of the utmost quality, by using 6 different mineralization filters. 

  • Efficiency: Airwater Ibiza’s generator produces a large amount of water at a low cost per liter, which makes our product more cost-competitive than bottled water alternatives. The machine has an internal 15-liter tank, so you can always have pure water, even if the generator is not running. You can also enhance its efficiency by controlling it remotely.

  • Sustainable: Airwater Ibiza’s machine generates no waste of any kind. No need for plastics, and no transport beyond the first installation. This reduces the carbon footprint considerably. It is ecological and renewable, as it does not need to extract water from aquifers.

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